September 9, 2012

NHD's Love List


I am back!!  I took a long needed break, went on vacation, created some new jewels and went shopping for my closet & home.  Start the music...Zou Bisou Bisou.

Here is my LOVE list.  Seriously, Loves!  

1. I am a big fan of Rifle Paper co but the Cities Calendar is just stunning.  Every month is a piece of artwork and a new destination.
2.  Bunnies by Hunt Slonem.  Oh Hunt, you take my breath away.  who knew basic bunnies could be so stunning.  Check out his NYC loft studio here. I am using these in my living room.  
3.  I might not be in school but I love a good planner.  I am so late to the party on this preppy and colorful organizer.
4.  I went to Australia.  It was a great trip but the highlight was our adventure at a wildlife park in Ballarat, Australia. I got to feed free roaming kangaroos, pet a Koloa named "Minky" and meet the cutest wombat named "Patrick".  Traveling 20 hours to meet them was worth it!  
5.  Have you all tried this new DALLAS lipgloss by Benefit?  Its fantastic & only $16!
6.  How cute is this fabric?  I am going to use it on my club chairs in the living room. Worst part, its expensive and I really dont want to spend $100 a yard.  So I am on the hunt for a knockoff fabric. 
7. Last but not least - Introducing my new line of statement earrings...Serena Earrings

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