October 30, 2011

NHD loves VERA!

Top Row - Pillows, Bottom right print

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me this wonderful book for my birthday.  Its just amazing!!  I am in love with the color, prints and personality of Vera Neumann. 

Vera Neumann believed in arts ability to inspire and enrich lives. She loved to be creative and believed in her passion and artwork, traveled the world for inspiration, believed that people should surround themselves with beauty and built one of the most successful run female companies.  Best of all, the book provides all of her collected illustrations and artwork - so 1970s chic!  Vera was ahead of her time and an inspiration to NHD! 


October 26, 2011

Artwork for the home....

How lovely are these paintings and prints by the talented Bella Foster. love love....

October 16, 2011

Ivy & Piper

Noble House Designs is in one of my favorite magazines, Ivy & Piper!!  Check out I & P's fall issue.  Many thanks to Melanie!  xx, SLN

IPhone Wallpaper

Who doesnt love a fun find on Etsy?  I was looking for an Iphone cover and found this AMAZING shop, McKinley Margo.  The have a line of personalize Iphone + Ipad wallpaper. Fun prints that can be monogrammed and only $4!  Also, a great mini present for anyone on your Xmas Shopping list. 
I went with the gold Ikat print (below)....xo, SLN

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