July 12, 2011

Estate Sales - West Palm Style!

I am in need of a little vacation...what better place to go than South Florida!  West Palm Beach and Miami to be exact.  I am visiting a good friend who lives on South Beach but we are taking a little road trip to do some estate sale shopping in West Palm.  Antique Row in West Palm Beach is a haven for antiques and 70s style furniture.  Treasure Trove! 

Here is a store that I have been dreaming of visiting....Circa Who, all vintage 1970s and mid-century modern.  I cant wait!  Faux Bamboo Consoles, X Benches and Greek Key dressers.  All fantastic pieces for decorating.

If you are going to West Palm, any time soon.  Here is a fun guide from Domino Magazine...circa 2006.

xo, SLN

1 comment:

  1. I am already addicted to your blog!! LOVE it!! I am super jealz about the palm beach estate sale plans!!

    check out the post I did from the last Houston estate sale I saw you at ;)



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